Would You Like To Sponsor A Dog?

From the moment our dogs take their first breath of air, they are destined for greatness. You see, it’s not every dog that gets to change a life. Our dogs get to change the life of one, and touch the lives of many. The best part…we let our dogs pick what they are going to do! That’s right, Little Angels helps six different types of disabilities, and we let our dogs choose which type they are best suited to assist. The thing is, regardless of which disability they are going to assist, it isn’t cheap. 
Believe it or not, these sponsorship numbers you see below are the bare minimum numbers that it costs us for placing a service dog. Training a true and proved service dog is no easy task, and takes the best of the best. We are lucky to have the staff members we have! Think about what it costs to take care of one dog for a year…food, medical, boarding, supplies, grooming, etc. Now add the full-time salaries of skilled trainers. Little Angels sets a fundraising goal of $38,000.00 per dog, but in reality, it’s probably even closer to $50,000.00. 
Think about what YOU would be providing by sponsoring a dog in training – even a portion of their training! It’s life changing. Imagine getting a picture of the dog you’re sponsoring, and then seeing their picture with their recipient? How would that feel? We appreciate you and any gift you may give Little Angels. Together we are changing lives…one dog at a time!