Support Our Recipients!

We always say if you want a service dog you don’t need one, and if you need one you don’t want one. That’s because those that truly need a service dog, would rather be without their debilitating disability than have a four-legged companion with them. Luckily, we are there to help those that truly need them. Unfortunately, a properly trained service dog is extremely expensive, and those that need it most often have the least means to the funds. 
It costs Little Angels a minimum of $38,000 to raise, train and place a service dog with a deserving recipient. This expense includes, but is not limited to food, medical care, breeding costs, supplies (including crates, food dishes, toys, collars, poop bags, etc) overhead costs and of course paying our licensed trainers. Many of our recipients are already consumed with medical debt as they seek treatments for their conditions. Our goal is to provide our recipients with a service dog with minimal to no out of pocket costs. How do we do this? We rely heavily on the generosity of donors like yourself! Every dollar donated goes directly to the training and placement of our dogs! This allows our disabled recipients to continue to focus on their healthcare needs and regain their independence when matched with their dog. From the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of all of our recipients, we thank you for your generous support and of course, thank you for helping us to change lives…one dog at a time.