Mobility Assistance


A mobility Assistance Dog enables his recipient to be more mobile whether they are in a wheelchair, or use a walker, cane, or crutches. These dogs allow their handler to be more independent in day-to-day life. Little Angels will not only train mobility assistance dogs for adults, but also for children who demonstrate the ability to remain consistent with training exercises and are able to communicate clearly to the dog.

Our Mobility Dogs can be trained in some or all of the following:

Dogs are trained to retrieve hard to reach items on command, and can learn to retrieve specific items by name.

Dogs are trained to locate the phone by scent and then bring it to theirĀ handler.

Dogs are trained to carry items in their mouth when told.

Dogs are trained to alert someone else in the home on command.

Trained to push elevator and door buttons on command.

Can be trained to turn lights on or off.

Is a Little Angels Mobility Assistance Dog Right for Me?

In order to receive an Mobility Assistance Dog from Little Angels, you must: