What are the Steps Involved in Receiving a Service Dog from Little Angels?

What are the Steps Involved for Receiving an Autism Assistance Dog?

If your application looks like a good fit we will reach out in 1-3 weeks and ask for these documents to be submitted.

The consultation is an average of 60 minutes during which we discuss realistic expectations of how a service dog can assist you, and to make sure you are a good fit for one of our dogs.

If we believe one of our service dogs can assist you we will write out a customized agreement and ask you to review your final decision with friends and family.

The deposit is your sign to us that you are committed to the program.

Organizations nationwide spend an average of $50,000 on each assistance dog trained. The average service dog graduates with over 600 hours of training, and with that expense also comes veterinary care, boarding, grooming and training supplies. Because of the commitment of all our wonderful volunteers, Little Angels spends $38,000 per dog. This is an expense covered through fundraising. We ask our recipients to be responsible for the first 1/4 of the expense, which is $9,500. This is usually covered through fundraising, and we are happy to help guide you through that process.

Once the funds are met, regardless of how the funds were raised, we move you to the second part of our waiting list where you are a priority for dog placement. This is when we choose a dog from our training program that has the natural propensities to assist in the ways needed for your disability, and we continue any additional specialized training needed specifically for your needs.

During handler training we work with you, one-on-one and show you how to reinforce the training your dog has already had. Once you and your dog graduate our program we stay in daily contact for the first month, followed by monthly, and bi-yearly consultations for reports on your dog’s ability to continuously provide assistance to you and your child. Handler Training takes place in San Diego, California or Bartlett, New Hampshire.