The Following Dogs are Available for Placement in Approved Homes

Each of the following dogs have been through extensive training, but for one reason or another they are not suitable to go into public spaces as a service dog. This means they cannot go to public areas where pet dogs are not allowed, such as restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc.

The dogs on this page are responsive enough to training that they can be used as In-Home Utility Dogs. This is a dog whom is still trained to assist with a disability, but it does not have the temperament to go into public spaces.

Please Note: These dogs are not a good choice for those who wish to further the dog’s training and then take them into public as a fully certified assistance dog. If we believed there was any chance they could comfortably go into public with further socialization and training, we would continue working with them and would not release them from our traditional program. Dogs are all individuals and the dogs on this page have their own special talents and abilities, but comfortably navigating the public scene isn’t one of them.

Some of these dogs have had more than $30,000.00 invested in their training. To help recover a portion of these costs, each dog has an adoption fee. Not only does this assist us in recovering our costs to continue the program, but it also shows the commitment and responsibility of interested adopters. Each of these dogs are very special and we need to ensure their positive futures.

Each adopter will receive a required minimum of two private lessons with their dog before bringing it home so the family may utilize the training the dog has received. All dogs have a different degree of training which will be listed below. Handler training sessions and support are included for the adopter and family and will continue for the life of the dog at no charge.

Dogs Available for In-Home Utilization:



DOB: 8/16/17
English Cream Retriever
Hi Everyone. It’s Julian. I’m still here, still with trainer girl and still getting better and better all the time. Trainer girl has shown me not to give up! I thought I was just not cut out to be a special human helper. But, the longer I hang out with ‘Laina, the braver I become. I know so many cool tricks now! I can turn on lights and then turn them off. I can open and close cabinets and drawers (and even close them gently). I get to go on lots of field trips too. I love field trips! I get to see lots of different places and people and go on car rides. Sometimes, I still get nervous. The weird thing is, I don’t even know what is making me nervous when it happens. Poor ‘Laina! She tries looking around to see what made me “freeze” and she cannot figure it out. That’s because I can’t either. I just get a feeling and then I stop moving. Hopefully, the more I go out the more comfortable I will be and I will stop getting scared from nothing!  Love, Julian (1/25/19)


DOB: 8/16/17

English Cream Retriever
San Diego Ranch
    Hi there! It’s Jamie. I am still busy at the ranch in San Diego working at becoming a Service Dog to help hoomans someday. The really good news is I know all of my advanced tasks and I am a very sweet dog. The not so great news is that I am still so nervous out in public. I’m not really sure why this is but my trainer girl tries to help me see everything is ok. Sometimes there are odd things that make me feel unsettled-like elevators and balloons. For now, I am back out working with another foster and he has taken me to the grocery store. He says he can definitely see that I am nervous but I think he is hopeful we can work through this together. I sure hope so. I have so much love to give a hooman and know so many tasks that could be helpful too. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can be more brave soon!  Love, Jamie  (06/10/2019) 



DOB: 5/4/18

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Hi. My name is Lilo! I have now moved away from trainer Girl, Sam, and I am up at the prison program doing my training. Here is what my trainer has to say about me and what I have to say back…

  • Needs work  (silly trainer, of course I need work, that is why I’m here!)
  • High strung & lacks control  (what’s your point?)
  • Needs firm guidance  (Hmmmm)
  • Heels better without having a leash on (well, you never know if ya might need to run!)
  • She does sit and down but not immediately (tattletale)
  • She will stay but loses focuses when there is activity (I LOVE activity! You could just say I’m curious!)
  • Very playful  (thank you! Playing is my favorite thing to do!)

Please come back and check in again…don’t pay too much attention to all these silly comments my trainer made. I’m going to bribe him with treats before he writes my next report!  Love, Lilo  (03/03/2019)

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