Hearing Dogs


Hearing dogs enable those who are deaf or hard of hearing to be more aware of their surroundings. These dogs can accompany their disabled handler into public settings and will naturally give off sound cues to the handler. For example, if the dog looks to his left the handler will know their is an auditory signal coming from that direction, which prompts the handler to look to their left to see if it is something they should respond to. Hearing dogs are also trained to purposefully alert their handler to certain sounds in the home. These dogs are trained to paw at their handler’s leg when the smoke alarm goes off, the doorbell rings, the microwave dings, or the teakettle whistles. Our dogs are trained on a case by case basis for the specific sounds each recipient will need to be alerted to. These dogs can be a small or large breed, as size is not a factor.

Is a Little Angels Hearing Dog Right for Me?

In order to receive a Hearing Dog from Little Angels, you must: