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The testimonials below are a small sample of the dogs we have trained. These include service dogs, boarding school, and pet training.


My name is Cindy. My son is 9 and has cerebral palsy. Little Angels Service Dogs bred and trained ourdog Maley. He works as a Mobility Assistance Dog and is like a living cane for my son! He accompanies my son everywhere (school, church, movie theater). It is unbelievable how adog can be trained to work this way. He has helped my son become much more independent and he has literally changed his life!!
~Cindy, from Hawaii

Julia & Luke

Working with Little Angels Dog Training was a very rewarding experience. Katie, the Director, was very kind and helpful and definitely knew what she was talking about. And I don’t think I would have ended up with a better dog. Katie guided me through the entire process with ease and the end result has been such a blessing.

~Julia, from Michigan
(One Year Later)
I definitely recommend Little Angels Dog Training to anyone looking for a service dog. Luke has been such a terrific dog and he helps me in so many ways I never imagined. He helps me regulate my activity level when we’re out, he really helps facilitate positive social interactions with other people, he’s a great distraction when I’m in distress, and just being able to pet him helps calm me down. I am so thankful for this beautiful dog and I love telling people about your organization. Thank you!
~Julia, from Michigan


I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the war. Before getting a service dog I was extremely paranoid, having difficulty in crowds and would never leave the house alone. I had to rely on my wife to guide me everywhere I went. Now I have Sedona, my service dog from Little Angels. Through Little Angels Service Dogs I have learned to work as a team with Sedona. Now she helps me with all my fears and troubles so that I can one day have a normal life. I definitely would recommend Little Angels for anyone looking for a service dog. Words can’t expess how much Sedona has changed my life.
~John, from California


Thank you. A million times over thank you. Our service dog is indeed a Little Angel. In just two weeks, I already see how she is changing our lives and helping. Her specialized PTSD training is great. She is so smart and so ready. You have done such a great job. We have already recommended you to many friends and know we will send many more.
~Laura, from California

Max & Jenna

Max is doing great. He is an absolute life saver and helps me every day! I am the happiest girl in the

~Jenna, from Florida

Izzy & Michael

Izzy alerted last night (first to our neighbor and then to me) while Michael was in a bounce house at a baseball game. And sure enough, Michael had a seizure about 10 minutes later while in line for the slide. Fortunately, I had treats to reward her. I’m amazed that she could sense something while sitting outside the bounce house and with all of the other distractions at her first trip to the ballpark.


Ella & Simonetta

Ella and I have become one soul. We go everywhere together and have never had a problem. She has become the star at work. Everybody loves her because she has brought so much joy! And everyone is so struck by how close we are, and how sweet and loving she is with me.
She has transformed my life! She is my joy! We have gone to so many places together; restaurants, class, hairdressers, stores, coffee shops, movie theater, etc…and she is so good. People stop me and tell me how well behaved she is. And of course, they say that she is so gorgeous!
Also, I have noticed that many people smile at me when they see us. I give Ella many kisses, and people envy our affection and then they tell me about their dogs, as you told me they would. I feel that Ella has made me more approachable. Thank you so much.
~Simonetta, from Michigan

What an AMAZING group of people who have a sincere love for dogs. They create a positive training experience, help you become a better handler and send you home with great training tools. I’m so impressed with their profound knowledge of Service Dog tasks and training, that i just had to Yelp about it.
My service dog wags away every time he greets Katie, the head trainer, and gets super excited when we got to the Service Dog Clinics. I feel more empowered and have a better outlook on life now that I have my best friend to help me. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful training program and truly believe our paths crossed for a reason. Katie and her team are 5 star ANGELS in my book!!!
Thank You Little Angels Dog Training, you have a changed my Life!
~Reiko, from California regarding Training Clinics

Ethan & Chloe

My son Ethan was diagnosed with a very rare type of Epilepsy called Myoclonic Absence Epilepsy (MAS). MAS is very hard to treat – you see Ethan’s seizures are generalized. This means the seizures are happening everywhere in his brain, making it very hard to control with medicine. Because his seizures are not occurring in one specific region it makes it extremely difficult to treat. Ethan has a seizure every single minute and it has been a long road with his disability; Ethan has spent several days/weeks in the hospital. We have tried many doctors at different hospital trying to find drugs/diets that would work for him. A few times we found a particular drug that seemed to be working, but then the seizures come back. Ethan has been through many electroencephalogram (EEG) testing. Almost seven years now, we are out of medications for Ethan to try, and are looking for more ways to help him.
One year ago I was presented with the idea of a seizure dog for Ethan. I had thought of the idea before, but this time I took it a little more serious seeing that his disorder is not improving. When I did more research on the benefits of the seizure dog, I decided what a wonderful idea it was. One of the developing biosocial issues in the field of psychology and human development is how societies may or may not socially include or exclude children with disabilities. People who live, work, go to school and cope with Epilepsy must often deal with having a most disadvantaged/least able social status, in addition to their significant challenges. Ethan has to struggle daily with the extreme biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial challenges on a daily basis. Having a to face these challenges I have had a to stand up for my son, being the best advocate that  I can be, while trying to help my son cope with his Epilepsy. My son’s cognitive ability is not the best, but day by day he faces these challenges. Psychosocial challenges are an everyday situation that I, as Ethan’s mother, am faced with every day.
Having the seizure dog helps my son handle the cognitive challenges he faces throughout his day. Another benefit of having a seizure dog is that it helps him develop many new friendships. The seizure dog also is helping him gain independence while making sure that his safety is intact.
Without the support of my co-workers I would have not been so educated on the seizure dog. I owe much thanks to all the support from my fellow co-workers as they are the ones that presented the idea to me. They have lead me down an amazing path that has turned everyone I know and myself into better people.
I want to make sure that I give much thanks to Katie (the Director of Little Angels Service Dogs)! She is truly an awesome person. Katie was and has been there whenever I need her. I could never imagine getting our dog from anyone else but her! I cannot express how much we truly are blessed to now have her as a part of our life!When we did our research we never heard of Little Angels so we applied to many different schools to get Ethan’s service dog. Because of my sons age Little Angels was the only one that accepted our application. Katie is truly a Godsend to us and is truly and “Angel!”
Chloe is the first service dog in my son’s school district. Katie has been there for everyone that has been involved and she is an amazing advocate and such an inspirational person. During training Katie wanted a day to spend with Ethan and Chloe to see how Ethan would do when other kids would be around him. Katie brought her family ou with us and treated us to a day of kayaking and spear fishing (too bad the water was so cold…lol). She truly thinks of every way that the training would be beneficial to you. Not only is Katie an angel but her family is too. Just such awesome people; we were so lucky to meet them! We love you guys and miss you very much. Going through the daily struggles it was so amazing to be in such an uplifting place with everyone. It was such a blessing to be out of the negativity we deal with on a daily basis and to feel for the first time in our life how to be truly happy. Now we not only smile on the outside, but now because of Chloe on the inside!
Chloe is such an amazing dog; she knows when Ethan is sad and is always there to cheer him up. For me this is the best thing I have ever done in my life because now my son is the happiest kid on the face of this earth!!!
We also owe extreme salutations to the foster family. During our training days we had the opportunity to meet Chloe’s foster family; the “Rohmer’s”. We thank you for your volunteer spirit and your desire to support our Chloe and ourselves. Thank you so much; you have helped us in so many ways that you will never know. Knowing how much Ethan loves Chloe I cannot imagine how hard it was for you to give her up! Hopefully it brings you peace and comfort to know that Chloe and Ethan are the bestest of friends and she will be forever spoiled. You took your precious time to make a difference in my son’s life. you are all heroes for the efforts you gave.
Ethan has benefited from the help of his new service dog Chloe and now his dog is helping him to improve his quality of life. Though Ethan may have passed his formative years, he is still at his starting point to understand what the seizures have done to him personally, emotionally and socially. The companion/seizure response will give him the opportunity to explore and be more independent without being in the constant limitations because of seizures. I know that as he grows up, so is the frequency and the recurrence of his seizures and to have this second pair of eyes and ears will give us a peace of mind. As a child with a learning disability, this will also give Ethan a chance to educate people about the stigma of having epilepsy.
Because of all the generous hearts that we have crossed paths with it has given me hope, inspiration, and admiration. I hope that one day I can give back in ways that can have an effect on others in need. It is amazing and very powerful when a community comes together doing whatever they could dod for the good of humanity! The emotional, physical, financial and mental support that my family, friends and the community has given me in my life has made me the mother I am today.
I used to think that family was just family, that it wasn’t really important. But as I got older, and received lots of support from my family, I realized that they are important. Without my family, friends, co-workers, Katie and the community I wouldn’t have gotten very far. God has put people in our lives, and I call the mangels. My family has helped me through my trials, and has always had a shoulder fro me to cry on. I asked Ethan what family meant to him. He said to me, “Love, and standing up for one another.” He also told me, “I will never forget when you told me that you wished that you could have the seizures instead of me.” Through Ethan’s eyes I am his hero but I don’t think he will ever understand just how much of a hero he is to me. If I would not have been so blessed to have him in my life I would have not been so lucky to have the family I have today, or to have even realized how important they all are. People ask me daily, “How I do it and how do you always have a smile on your face?” I tell them this, “Even though Ethan is still not seizure free I believe in my heart that God knows every hair on our head. God has us on this journey of life for a reason and day by day his message is slowly revealing to me and this helps bring me comfort.”
Forever in our heart and Always in our prayers,
~Nichole, Ethan and Chloe Pinto


Most people believe dogs can’t be trained to alert to a seizure, Little Angels not only believes, but teaches the technique. My seizures are mostly controlled by medication, but when I do have them, Blazer has alerted every time. The confidence I have to leave the security of home and go to college with Blazer gives new meaning to the word independence. He is truly my “little angel”!

Bud and Leslie

Bud is the most amazing dog and I am so blessed to have him in my life. He has helped me in more ways than one. I am able to go out of places and when Bud senses that something is about to happen he alerts me right away. I either sit down or lay down and he will lay right on my stomach until my seizure is over. This happened just the other day while at the park. A lady saw what happened and asked if I was okay. I said, “Yes, just feeling a little light headed.” She told me she could not believe what she saw – that Bud alerted me 5 minutes before I had my seizure and what an amazing dog I have. My doctor has told me Bud is better than any medication he could prescribe. He really is the best dog for me. I cannot thank Little Angels enough for picking Bud for me. Thank you, thank you so much! I have also met some amazing people and feel like I’m a part of the Little Angels Family forever.

Sincerely all my love,
~Leslie and Bud

 Danielle & Gracie

My 10 month old Labrador/Pit mix, Gracie, and I have been attending Little Angel’s Service Dogs since May of this year. In the past 6 months, Gracie has learned to alert my partner if I am about to have a seizure, she has learned to ignore distractions while we are out in public and is amazing at all of her basic commands. We are still learning many new techniques/commands every time we attend training and it has been such a blessing!
Katie and Chris have been a MAJOR support to not just myself and Gracie, but also to my surrogate family. It is truly a blessing to know that I can call them if I need over the phone support and visit their facility for one on one training. I highly recommend attending the group clinics in Coronado not just for your dog, but also for your own mental health. When you first realize that you have a disability it is a shock to the system that you have a hard time processing. With Katie, Chris, and all the wonderful trainers and other persons who partake in the trainings, you slowly become a wonderful family who support each other mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.
I honestly would not be able to imagine my life without my wonderful service dog, and without Katie and her amazing team. I highly recommend anyone who has a disability to not be ashamed of giving them a call. They truly can help you and will handle your situation with grace, comfort and patience.



What a wonderful bunch of people! We recently brought home a service dog trained by the whole team at Little Angels and not only is this the best trained dog we’ve ever met, they spent untold hours training us to handle her properly. It is clear that these dogs are trained with love. We even got a “baby book” from our foster mom! Bringing a service dog into your life is a huge commitment and Katie’s team continues to support us even long distance.


Over 1,500 dogs trained – and lives changed!