Private Lessons
for Pets and Service Dogs
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our service dog program!
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We have many options to suit your needs. Please review the following
Price List.

A consultation will always be your first step when meeting with one of our
trainers. This is to
insure that your training goals are met and that we have assessed all areas of your dog's
behavior to determine your dog's learning style. Consultations are generally 60-90 minutes in
length and will include your first
training session to start your dog on the training plan your
trainer creates for you.

All lessons and consultations are customized to meet your needs.
Training includes
behavior modification for manners and house training, as well as advanced obedience
commands such as heel, sit, down, stay, come, place, good, no, etc..

For more information on training methods please visit the 'About Us' page on this site.

We can train outdoors, or in our indoor classroom.

Your trainer will create a training plan based on your goals and your schedule. In these
lessons the trainer meets with you (and your family if you wish) one-on-one to work with your
dog directly, and to show you how to reinforce training between sessions. How many
sessions you require will depend on how much time you have to work with your dog at home,
however, many completely untrained dogs will achieve advanced obedience within an
average of 3-5 lessons.

Please contact us and we will have a trainer contact you to schedule your initial consultation.

Phone # 1-800-528-9550

Training Clinics
Training Clinics are a great option for all levels of obedience, whether you are just beginning
or very experienced. Our clinics have a high trainer to handler/dog ratio, averaging 1 trainer
for every 2 owners/handlers. This enables each handler to receive the attention they need,
but gives them the opportunity to introduce their dog to a wide variety of distractions with
excellent socialization.

Clinics are held the first Saturday of every month at 10:00AM in Coronado. Clinics require an
initial consultation which allows our trainers to assess your dog's behavior. Only friendly dogs
are permitted in our clinics, as this assists our service dogs with proper socialization and
provides a safe environment for everyone.

Please email if you are interested in our Training Clinics and additional details will be sent.

Additional information is also located on our Training Clinics Page.
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Boarding School

We offer a Boarding School for both Pets and Service Dogs. Pets stay at our facility for a
period of 2-3 weeks while learning advanced obedience commands and behavior
modification, in our cage-free environment. Service Dogs stay at our facility for a period of
4-5 weeks while learning advanced obedience commands, behavior modification, and tasks
to assist with the owner's disability. Web cams are available for owners to watch their dogs
during play, and free private lessons are included for the life of the dog so that the owners
can learn how to work with the training their dog received while at our facility. The cost is
$1,200.00 for both Pets and Service Dogs.

Phone # 1-800-528-9550
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