Little Angels Prison Program

After a year of hard work we are excited to announce we have finally launched our Little Angels Prison Program. We have partnered with two prisons thus far and hope to bring more on board in the coming future. Our prison program manager, Dana, set out to the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, CA with six of our puppies. Her goal was to meet with both the inmates and staff in order to properly train them on raising puppies to become service dogs. Immediately upon arriving the puppies were a huge hit. Dana worked for several days teaching the basics on training and how to problem solve. Each puppy was paired up with a team of two trainers at the facility. The trainers will take turns working with the dog and helping them to reach their goals. The program is going incredibly well and there is nothing but positive energy and determination. Each inmate is extremely grateful for the opportunity and seemed so happy to work with the dogs – and our dogs really enjoy all the attention!

We are so excited about this program because it produces so many opportunities to help others. When
puppies are growing and maturing, the most important factor in them becoming service dogs is positive interactions and experiences with humans and the outside world. For this reason, there is nothing better than us being able to give our puppies to a program like this, where each foster will have an abundance of time each day to work with the dogs. With the dogs having multiple different people training them at the facility, they will get used to working with different personalities and will be able to handle new transitions much better. At the same time, we are hoping to help each and every one of these inmates. There is no job more rewarding than training a dog to help someone with a disability. Seeing the dog grow and become smarter every day is one of the most satisfying feelings. We believe this program will help to give these inmates a sense of purpose and responsibility, while also improving their overall happiness.

Dana is in constant contact with the Central California Women’s Facility to ensure everything is running smoothly. She will get continuous updates on our dogs and be ready to help out should a problem arise. Our goal is to have puppies rotating in and out of the prison facility so they get ample time with the inmates while also getting occasional check-ups by our trainers at the ranch. In the next month, Dana will be making another trip to take more puppies to the Avenal State Prison in Avenal, CA, which is an all male facility. We plan to move our dogs between the two different facilities so that they are raised with both men and women.

We are very excited and optimistic about the progress of this program. We believe this will be truly beneficial to helping us place more service dogs and get them trained at a faster rate. We plan to continually update this page and let everyone know how the program is doing, both with pictures and stories. If you are interested in donating to help us keep this program running, please see the link below. 100% of the funds go towards making sure these puppies are successful in working with their inmates.

As always, thank you for the ever continuing support of Little Angels Service Dogs. We could never do it without you!

~The Little Angels Team


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