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Little Angels Service Dogs is a Charitable, non-profit 501c3 corporation that reaches across all of the United States partnering service dogs with the disabled.

Our Charitable Goals also reach out to the local community of San Diego, teaching students how to become skilled service dog trainers to assist even more people throughout the world.

Little Angels is a collaboration of professionals and volunteers who share a common goal to see the lives of the disabled changed by the help service dogs can offer.


The Team: 


Voting Board Member
Director – Oversees administrative and training staff for a smooth operation of the overall program. Responsible for follow-up with recipients throughout each dog’s lifetime through personal contact, maintenance reports and recertification.
Handler Training CoordinationScheduling of recipient’s visit to San Diego for Handler Training
Property ManagementOversees security, landscape and buildings of the Little Angels Ranch

Katie brings business management, dog breeding, animal husbandry, veterinary, kennel management, and 20 years of service dog training experience to the board. She began her career training police dogs, but quickly switched gears when she saw how a well-trained assistance dog could change the life of someone living with a disability. Katie is a professional certified dog trainer and an American Kennel Club CGC evaluator. She reports to the Board of Directors.



Training Manager – Oversees all trainers to ensure each dog is progressing and being trained with the methods conducive to their personalities. Responsible for the coordination of the dog’s career path based on propensity and personality observation.
Handler Training – Responsible for instruction of new recipients, and initial follow-up after the dog has gone home.
Priority Dog TrainerTrainer of dogs close to graduation.
Instagram Administrator – Keeps our followers up-to-date with awesome pictures of our dogs and the happenings of the Little Angels World. 

Kellen is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she was raised to be a dog lover from a young age. Kellen brings years of animal experience to Little Angels, having worked at zoos in Michigan and South Dakota. She has also run a successful private pet care business in the San Diego Area. Kellen studied Criminal Justice and Biology at the University of Sioux Falls, where she was an avid student-athlete on the NCAA Division II softball team. Kellen has had plenty of involvement working with disabled youth and adults. Her brother, Kegan, who has Cerebral Palsy, has greatly inspired her to help others in need through training service dogs. Her favorite dog breed is an English Cream Golden Retriever and the command she enjoys teaching dogs the most is retrieving her car keys.



Kennel Manager
– Oversees all kennel maintenance staff for a clean and healthy environment for dogs in training.
Webmaster – Responsible for construction of website and updates, media review and marketing.
Handler Training – Responsible for instruction of new recipients, and initial follow-up after the dog has gone home.
Priority Dog TrainerTrainer of dogs close to graduation.
Facebook Administrator – Works to keep facebook consistently updated with news, pictures and videos of the ongoings at Little Angels. Answers Facebook messages.

Josh is originally from New Hampshire and has spent the last four years in Boston, Massachusetts earning a degree in Sport Management and Marketing with a minor in Spanish. During the summer of 2016, Josh’s younger brother became a Little Angel’s Recipient. Josh was lucky enough to accompany his brother to San Diego and join him through the incredible journey of Handler Training. Once he saw how quickly a service dog was able to change his brother’s life, he knew this was a career path he wanted to follow! Josh took a foster dog home to the east coast to train for seven months, before moving to the west coast to work for Little Angels full time. He is now enjoying giving others the opportunity his brother was able to have.



Whelping CoordinatorTracks and records breeding dog’s heat cycles and coordinates breeding or insemination. Whelps and raises puppies before transfer to the ranch, and/or guides whelping fosters through the process. 
Behavioral TrackingRecords and tracks problem behaviors in dogs for further research in genetics and development. 
Puppy AcquisitionerResearches breeders, reviews health clearances, arranges payments and purchasing contracts. Temperament tests sire and dam and prospective puppies. 
Prison Fostering CoordinatorWorks directly with prison staff to accommodate the needs of dogs within their facility, and directs training and instruction of inmates. 
Training Tool CoordinationResearches collars, leashes, harnesses and vests, as well as design and development.
Pack Leader – Trainer, groomer, and advocate for her pack of dogs. 

Dana has been involved in the assistance dog industry for over eight years and has whelped multiple litters for service dog programs. Dana has the gift of a watchful eye when it comes to the little details that go into starting a newborn puppy on the path to good health and behavior to become a much-needed service dog. Dana has trained for Little Angels for years and is a blessing to those touched by the program.



Medical CoordinatorSchedules and vaccinates incoming dogs, schedules and coordinates rabies vaccines, spays/neuters and medical clearances. Oversees medication administration.
Apprenticeship Coordinator Instruction and Coordination of student mentors.
Adoption CoordinatorResponsible for screening applications for pets and in-home assistance dogs, as well as the instruction and follow-up after the dog has gone home. 
Pack LeaderFull time trainer, groomer and advocate for her pack of dogs. 

Isabel has always had a passion to work with dogs and to help people. To see these goals realized Isabel has dedicated years to her education, while simultaneously working for another nonprofit organization. She holds degrees in Administration of Justice, Biology, Psychology and also holds certificates for Service Dog Training and Veterinary Assistance. Through all of her studies, and her experience helping the disabled through another nonprofit, Isabel has found that all of her goals have come together at Little Angels. Here, she is now helping people though the assistance of incredible service dogs.



Part Time Dog TrainerTrainer of dogs close to graduation, or those who need some extra guidance. 

Gwen joined our apprenticeship program after years of experience in the veterinary field. She was already well versed in helping dogs, but she wanted to learn how to help people through the dogs. She is now a certified trainer and does a beautiful job of moving dogs through to graduation. She is a wonderful asset to our program.



Foster Coordinator – Coordinates foster placements and instructs our volunteers in the best way to manage their dog’s training
Supply Coordinator: – Responsible for all supplies at the ranch and coordinating for restocking. 
Pack LeaderFull time trainer, groomer and advocate for his pack of dogs.

Spencer made his way into our Little Angels family because he was looking for a job that didn’t feel like work. Spencer has been a dog person his entire life and loves to be outdoors. These two qualities made working for Little Angels the perfect scenario for him. He has fit into our tight-knit group very fast and is quickly learning how to train service dogs for the disabled. Spencer has always enjoyed training his own dogs and is fascinated with the idea of now training dogs to assist others!



Fundraising CoordinatorGuides volunteers and anyone interested in raising funds to complete fundraising successfully and legally according to IRS standards for 501c3 nonprofit organizations.

Carlen brings progressional fundraising and managerial experience to the team. She loves to help people and it shows in all she does!



Twitter, Youtube & Pinterest AdministratorWorks to keep all of these platforms updated with new content for our users, as well as produce awesome videos of our dogs.
Foster RecruitingRecruiting of new fosters at fairs, churches, colleges and malls. Creation and design of foster advertisement brochures, flyers and materials. Screeing of new fosters through application review, phone interview, and home inspection. 

Judy is a professional comedian and delights the masses with her sense of humor. We can always rely on Judy when we need a good laugh to lighten the day. Judy is also a past recipient of a service dog, and so was inspired to help our program with her many talents, so we in turn can help more in need. Judy also holds her certification from Little Angels as a service dog trainer and always makes herself available when we need a helping hand.



Facebook AdministratorWorks diligently to answer all of our Facebook queries, and does an excellent job in keeping our followers updated with fundraising events and the many fun activities going on in our communities. And he does all of this amazing work as a volunteer! 

Gary is a well-known radio personality and spokesperson, and is kind enough to create videos and professional voice overs for Little Angels. His enthusiasm for helping the disabled through service dogs has helped hundreds over the years. We couldn’t do this without you, Gary! 



Voting Board Member
Board SecretaryAccurately records minutes and administrates for board meetings. 
Applications AdministratorReviews applications and declines or accepts recipients with review from board and trainers when applicable. 

Amelia brings executive business experience, previous board experience and 501c3 experience. She has been involved with Little Angels for over ten years, watching it grow from a sole-proprietorship as Little Angels Dog Training to the non-profit organization of Little Angels Service Dogs.  She has witnessed all those who have been helped through the program, understanding the importance of continued success in our communities nationwide.



Voting Board Member

Mark is a well-versed, experienced dog trainer of many disciplines. He has worked side-by-side with Little Angels over the years through many different capacities. His incredible work ethic has helped our program in countless ways from service dog trainer, to construction, to board member. He understands the needs of a stable temperament in a dog, and the responsibility of the handler to reinforce a high level of training. His honesty and integrity lead the way in an industry where many can be swayed. His opinions are highly sought after, and respected by our Board of Directors.



Voting Board Member
Board TreasurerReviews all financial documents, receipts and bank statements. Reviews expenditures with boards and seeks approval for various expenses.

Stephanie brings executive experience to the board, has played a major role in producing large-scale fundraisers for Little Angels over the past five years, and is a family member of a Little Angels Service Dog recipient. Because of this, she is familiar with the expenses needed to produce and maintain a well trained service dog, all of the effort that goes into raising these expenses, and personally understands the beautiful end results of the investment.



Voting Board Member

Crystal brings professional legal experience, and is a prior Little Angels Service Dog Trainer, thus being aware of our beginnings, where we’ve come from, and our initial goals moving forward. As a trainer, she is familiar with all that goes into training service dogs, and is aware of how important the proper placement of a dog with the right recipient is for the success of the team.



Voting Board Member

Steve brings professional leadership experience, and has been a dedicated construction volunteer and foster for Little Angels for years. Because of this he is aware of the energy that goes into every little detail of Little Angels, from the floor boards and up. His family has successfully fostered countless dogs through our program, being a vital part of their graduation process and placement with disabled recipients.

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