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Our dogs profiles are up! This is still a work in progress and some dogs still need a bio added, but the majority of our dogs have their monthly update on their profile. Now that the page is live we will work on adding a current picture for each of them. Moving forward, all updates will happen on the profiles below. Thanks for the patience while continue to add this new feature to our website!

Little Angels Service Dogs can take up to two years before they are ready to give independence to someone with a disability, depending on the dog’s personality and what tasks they will need to perform.

Our dogs go through three phases of training.


Each dog is placed with a foster who trains the dog daily and takes them on weekly field trips for public  socialization. Our dogs are only placed with fosters who have had extensive training from our instructors, with regular follow-up to ensure each dog’s success. Fosters keep the dog for a maximum of two months before bringing them back to our ranch for assessments. The dogs interchange between living with fosters and staying at our ranch to receive well-rounded socialization with the opportunity to be evaluated by our staff regularly. This is advantageous for the dog because it allows them to be loved in a family environment similar to the one they will be placed in with their handler, while also receiving professional training and kenneling. This helps prevent the development of problematic behaviors. While at the ranch the dogs work with our experienced staff, as well as trained volunteers, before returning to a new foster home environment. This process allows the dogs to live in a variety of home settings with several different fosters. The goal is to have the dogs experience everything from children, to cats, to traveling. Everyone’s home is different and our dogs get to experience it all. Before a dog graduates it has received a minimum of 600 one-on-one training hours by up to forty different trainers, fosters and volunteers.


After a dog graduates from Phase I of training, they stay at the ranch while our experienced trainers complete their training for their future recipient. The loving volunteers say goodbye to their doggy-apprentice and bring them to live at the Little Angels Ranch full-time, where they receive lessons each day to perfect their advanced obedience and specialized assistance tasks.


It is time for the Little Angels Service Dog to meet their new best friend, the person they were destined to help. This is a very exciting time – the disabled party has waited months, and sometimes even years to finally receive their companion. During Team Training both dog and handler learn to work together as a team. This is usually a two week process with lessons everyday. Before too long, they are as close as any two souls can be, with a lifetime of companionship before them.


As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into each service dog that leaves Little Angels. We rely heavily on financial support in order to provide these dogs. We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
If you are able to help us in this cause, please visit our
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