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The Following Dogs are Available for Placement in Approved Homes as a Pet

Each of the following dogs have had some training, but for one reason or another they are not suitable as service dogs. This means they can still go on walks with you through neighborhoods and parks, but they cannot go to public areas where pet dogs are not allowed, such as restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc.

The dogs on this page will be best suited as house pets. This is usually because their temperament would make the high level of reinforcement difficult as an assistance dog of any kind. All of them are still extremely lovable and thrive on human affection!

Please Note: These dogs are not a good choice for those who wish to further the dog’s training and then take them into public as fully certified assistance dogs. If we believed there was any chance they could comfortably go into public with further socialization and training, we would continue working with them and would not release them from our traditional program. Dogs are all individuals and the dogs on this page have their own special talents and abilities, but comfortably navigating the public scene isn’t one of them.

Some of these dogs have had more than $20,000.00 invested in their training. To help recover a portion of these costs each dog has an adoption fee. Not only does this assist us in recovering our costs to continue the program, but it also shows the commitment and responsibility of interested adopters. Each of these dogs are very special and we need to ensure their positive futures.

Each adopter will receive a required minimum of two private lessons with their dog before bringing it home so the family may utilize the training the dog has received. Handler training sessions and support are included for the adopter and family and will continue for the life of the dog at no charge.


Dogs Ready For Adoption:


Sherman is a 3-year old Golden Retriever. Although our trainers have put a lot of time and effort into Sherman thus far, it appears he has other plans moving forward. Unfortunately, Sherman displayed some behaviors this past month that have released him from continuing training as a service dog. Sherman is very sweet with people he knows, but he recently has several instances of barking, growling, and showing dominant body language at strangers. Sherman also hasn’t acted appropriately with other dogs and has been unable to get over his intense prey-drive with our barn cats and other critters. Sherman is now available for adoption and would make a fabulous pet in an adult-only home without small animals or other dogs. His basic obedience is quite good but he did not yet move onto the phase of learning advanced tasks. We love this boy and hope to find him the perfect forever home soon!

Adoption Fee: $2,000.00

If you are interested in Sherman please request an application by emailing:


Leroy is a 2-year-old yellow American Labrador Retriever we rescued from the shelter. He is approximately 65 lbs. Leroy would be best in a home with adults who can offer him plenty of exercise such as daily walks or runs. He is a playful, happy boy. He does well with some female dogs, but not with other males, or with small animals. He has growled and barked at strangers from time to time. We will only place him in a home without children or small animals. He knows all of his basic obedience commands but can get distracted, and of course, he will need that daily exercise for a successful placement. Lifetime private training lessons are included with his adoption fee.

Adoption Fee: $250.00

If you are interested in Leroy please request an application by emailing:


Jack is a very cute boy that we rescued from the shelter. Jack is very
smart dog but is unsure and shy. He has a hard time adjusting to new people and new places. Jack did well in beginning to learn his basic obedience, however he remained too anxious to gain public access. Sometimes when he is very unsure he will show that by vocalizing. Once Jack feels comfortable around you however, he becomes a lovable and playful dog. Jack can have a lot of energy and loves to play with other dogs. Jack’s new family will have to very patient and calm in helping him adjust to his new home. He should not go to a house with children of any age. Once Jack adjusts to his new life he will become a very happy and loyal companion!

Adoption Fee: $400.00

If you are interested in Jack please request an application by emailing:



Tucker is a gorgeous Labrador/Husky mix that we adopted some time ago. Tucker is an incredibly smart dog, however he has been released from our program due to his high level of energy. Tucker did well picking up on basic obedience, but he has a lot of trouble keeping himself calm. He often shows signs of anxiety when he is required to stay down or still. He is a strong, athletic dog and would be best suited with a family that likes to be active outside. Tucker does not do well with most other dogs and should not be with young children under ten. He is extremely lovable and craves attention and affection. He is happiest taking a walk right by your side! Tucker requires a lot of exercise daily to stay in a good routine, but really is a sweet boy.

Adoption Fee: $400.00

If you are interested in Tucker please request an application by emailing:



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