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Little Angels Service Dogs stands on the firm belief that training should be a dog-
friendly experience. Positive motivation is used at every opportunity. Training should
be fun for trainer, handler and dog. If one becomes frustrated then the training
session should stop. Firm, but fair reinforcement is added only when the dog
understands what behavior is wanted, but chooses not to follow through. This
creates a dog who responds consistently to commands in all situations. When you
call your dog, he should come to you with tail and head held high, happy to be by
your side – not slinking towards you with his tail between his legs.

Some trainers would like to command a dog with treats and praise alone – but this
creates a dog who will respond only if the treat or praise is more positive than
anything else that he would rather be doing. For example, if you asked your dog to
“sit” and “stay” at the park, he may respond well just to get the praise you have to
offer him – but if he likes chasing cats, and one just happens to run across the street,
he is faced with an immediate decision. Your dog is thinking, “Which is better –
chasing that cat all over town with my tongue lolling out the side of my mouth and
having the time of my life . . . or getting a taste of that treat in my master’s hand?” For
most dogs it would be chasing the cat. He then breaks away from you and darts
across the street after the cat – where he has a high chance of getting hit by a car. . . .
But if he had been through training that involved positive as well as negative
reinforcement, he has two reasons to do what you tell him, and a negative and a
positive usually outweigh the positive alone.

Dogs come from a social structure with a strong hierarchy. It would be unnatural for
your dog to view life neutrally, without care of who is the alpha – who is to be
dominant or submissive. If you do not take the lead, and become the alpha of your
“pack”, your dog will either be insecure, or take that position himself. The latter can
turn into a potentially dangerous situation.

With Little Angels, all commands are initially taught with positive motivation only. The
dog is lured into certain positions, such as “sit” or “down”, then is rewarded with
either treats, a favorite toy, or verbal and physical praise. Only once the dog responds
consistently to the positive, but chooses not to act, is the correction added.

Determining what level of negative reinforcement a dog needs is a very delicate task
and should be approached with care. Some dogs will submit to authority with just a
simple “no” in a firm and low voice – but with most dogs a quick tug on the leash is all
that is needed.

Dogs, just like people, go through different stages in their lifetime. Because of this
Little Angels stands behind any dog they have trained, whether it is a service dog or a
pet, and will always encourage owners and recipients to advise us of any needed
training in the future so that we can remedy the issues.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of trainers out there who prefer to "get the job done
quickly” and are too hard on the dog. This creates an animal who responds out of
fear, rather than one who is well-rounded with both positive motivation and low-level
negative reinforcement.

You do NOT need to be a heavy-handed-tyrant for your dog to
obey. You very simply need to be the leader. When you issue a
command the response is absolute. You do not give your dog a
choice by asking him to do it. You tell him that he will do it. After
all, it is a command . . . not a request.

Extreme training techniques should be reserved for extreme, life-threatening behavior
problems, such as aggression, or car chasing. If you believe that a trainer has been
too hard on your dog – please don’t look the other way – act! Ask the trainer why they
are using the aggressive techniques, and if it doesn’t seem right to you, then act on
your instincts and seek out another trainer.

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 Little Angels Dog Training BBB Business Review
Little Angels Service Dogs is a charitable, non-profit 501c3 corporation
that reaches across all of the United States partnering service dogs with the disabled.

Our charitable goals also reach out to the local community of San Diego, educating
owners on how to train their own pet dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs.
It is the goal of Little Angels that service
dogs be placed at little to no cost to the
disabled handler.

Little Angels is a 501c3 non-profit
organization, and all donations are tax
deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Little Angels relies fully on the generosity
of time given by our volunteers, and those
who wish to contribute financially so that
recipients do not have to pay to receive a
service dog.
Little Angels Service Dogs is a collaboration of professionals and volunteers who
share a common goal to see the lives of the disabled changed by the help service
dogs can offer.

At 8 weeks old our Puppies-In-Training go into foster homes where they  are raised,
loved and trained in individual homes provided by our fosters, who are apprentices
in our student trainer program. Dogs are taken into public settings for socialization
and training amidst distraction on a weekly basis from the time the puppies are
only 8 weeks of age. Every dog receives training in advanced tasks from an early
age, and once we know which recipient that dog will assist, it will be taught
additional tasks for that specific disability.
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Katie Gonzalez
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Little Angels Service Dogs
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